Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flower Friday

I grew up on the east coast in Frederick, Maryland. Every spring my family would travel to Washington, DC to see 'The Cherry Blosoms'. They were never anything but spectacular and I am sure that this ritual contributed to my love of flowers gardening and all things horticultural. Both of my parents loved plants. My father was the gardener and my mother was the sneezer ( the forsythia and mimosa trees did her in every year) even though she absolutely loved the beauty of them arriving in bloom. A couple years ago I had the chance to go to Colorado in late May where I discovered these gorgeous Cherry Blossoms at their prime just outside of Carbondale. Speaking of Cherry Blossoms, I just watched a movie by that name that was a lovely story about an older man who loses his wife and then finds his way back to her by making a journey to the one place she had always wanted to go, Mt. Fuji.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jen and Dave part 1

Here are the first half of the pages from Jen and Dave's June 28 wedding. At 20 and 22 these two qualify as the youngest couple I have had the privilege to photograph saying their vows. Their wedding was at The Barr Mansion and we did the bridal at Zilker Botanical Gardens. The black and white photo of Jen in the jungle was inspired by Richard Avedon's famous portrait entitled 'Dovima with Elephants'.

Flower Friday.

Last weekend the rains finally came to Austin. We had been desperate for moisture for months so its arrival was cause to celebrate and to avert a flash flood. On Saturday my daughters and I played in the deluge and then returned home to work to move leaves and redirect the water so it wouldn't flood my studio. We all had a blast getting soaked to the bone and then much to our glee two days later these lovely Rain Lilies started popping up everywhere around town. I took these pictures near Zilker Elementary where one yard was absolutely covered with them. When I leaned down to take the pictures I was met by the most wonderfully sweet smell. Happy Flower Friday!

Did you see any in your neighborhood?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

May I present The Zilker Elementary Custodians!

These 3 fine people are the the custodians of Zilker Elementary School. THE Zilker of 78704 fame. Yep, the elementary school where they teach 'em to keep it weird from the pledge right on through 'til specials at the end of the day.

At the urging of my dear pal, Bernadette Noll of fame, I have started a project of photographing all of the adults at Zilker Elementary who spend their days working hard so our whippersnappers can have a positive soul enriching (and clean) educational experience from ages 5-10.

Now, don't you just wanna learn to pick up after yourself so they don't have to?!