Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love my job

Where do I begin? Maybe for once I'll just let the pictures say it all.
Photographing a birth is stunning. Every. Single. Time.

This is probably my most favorite family portrait I have taken in recent years.
Dad is calling his mother to tell her about her about the baby.


Gina said...

Oh crap, Sarah! That is amazing...I'm crying while making the cherry tarts..As a birth mother of one and Mamma Jamma to two, I am still completely moved by birth, love and family...congrats to the family and to you for capturing love and life's miracle! Thanks for sharing..

Katherine said...

these are amazing Sarah- what a gift to witness such joy!

Shahnaz Erwin said...

Thank you Sarah, and Thank You, the Family, for letting the rest of us see--feel--share--and cry with pure joy.

Peace be with ALL of you!
Shahnaz Erwin.

Anonymous said...

great picts!

Anonymous said...

oh my! those pictures are amazing! totally crying. love these.

Alina Prax said...

Wow, I have goose bumps. So lovely, I wish I had photos like this from my kiddos birth!