Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pencils, a Sharpener and Imagination

Check out these amazing sculptures by Jennifer Maestre. A South African artist who sharpens pencils and turns them into beads and then sews them into these spectacular creations.....Wow, I think I have some new crafting ideas. WooHoo!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mary & Sean Wedding - 1 of 4

Mary and Sean were married a few weeks ago on one of the most gorgeous days ever. Rain threatened all week and in the end it passed us by leaving the most spectacular golden light to ever bounce off the back walls of The Villa at Laguna Gloria. The wedding took place at the Museum and the reception was held across the street at Westwood Country Club. Flowers by Mieko. Dress by Jenny Packham.

Mary & Sean Wedding - 2 of 4

Mary & Sean - 3 of 4

Mary & Sean - 4 of 4

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crafty Advent Calendars

Yep! My commitment to making every Christmas present this year is blissfully expressed in these first 2 items. I love crafting when I have the time to let my seamstress juices flow....ew, that sounds gross. How about: When I put on my sewing cap.....less gross but it still sounds like I sit up straight, don't swear and am always polite. Definitely not me. A.ny.way. When I rock out my pile of fabric scraps, this is what I love to do. These two are going to my dear niece and nephew who lost their Mama this fall. A lot of the 'ornaments' are jewelry from her collection. I LOVE the idea of creating an heirloom and using all those random jewels that are willing to volunteer themselves to a lifetime of marking the end of the year in a sweet homemade version of an old ritual.

For an actual class in making these charming things...visit my pals Kathie Sever and Bernadette Noll over at