Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hula Girl Bedspread Reinvented keeping with my commitment to encourage my daughter to think that something made by hand by your self, your mom, a friend or an artisan is more wonderful than one more 'good deal' from Target. We made this outfit today. I found the old duvet cover at Savers and at the last minute I realized that I had some pom pom tassels and voila! My cutie pie is ready for school! Forgive me for posting too many pictures of her. We had a great day together and I am extra crazy about her today.

The Coolest Lunch Box Ever!

Ok so its 'back to school' time and my seven year old and I got WAY into the idea of making her something to carry her lunch to school. Actually she wanted something new and I am doing my best to teach her that getting more stuff/spending money is not the way to save the world or feel really good about yourself. I had some silver insulation that I found in the trash at Home Depot and some especially groovy plastic bags that I had been collecting and we came up with this. We are sooo proud of ourselves AND its reversible!